The Paper Wings Show:

Visual storytelling experts from comics, storyboards, animation and film help you create stories that draw a crowd.

Interview With Claire Keane :: Paper Wings Show #33


Claire Keane is a brilliant illustrator and visual development artist, who has helped to develop numerous immersive worlds, including Tangled and Duet.

After leaving Disney, she released her first illustrated children’s book: Once Upon A Cloud. It’s a beautifully rendered, heartwarming story about family and following your dreams.

Join us today as we discuss humanizing your fictional characters, the versatile power of line, leaving Disney and Claire’s new artistic path…

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Interview With Eric Canete: Animation Storyboard Artist & Co-Creator of “Run Love Kill” (Image Comics) :: Paper Wings Show #32


Eric Canete‘s unique drawing style demonstrates layer upon layer of artistic mastery: Anatomy, character, caricature, composition, storytelling…

After 20+ years of trend-setting work in story, games and comics, his style is as distinct and intense as ever. So you might find it hard to believe that such beautiful work was once rejected by industry gatekeepers.

In this interview, Eric discusses what goes into his drawing process, the line between arrogance and confidence and why he has to find a personal connection to his professional work…

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“Failing Upward” :: Interview With Animation Story Artist Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft :: Paper Wings Show #31


Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft describes her career as “failing upward.”

She broke-in during the TV animation revolution and saw the beginnings of Cartoon Network, Adventure Time and Frederator.

Though she lacked a clear sense of direction early-on, Aliki has since accumulated numerous impressive credits including: animated series creator, director, storyboard artist, writer, emmy-nominated songwriter and voice actor.

Join us for a conversation about the benefits of being a misfit, the heartbreaking work of pitching, balancing work and family and why your most important next step might be the scariest…

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From Self-Publishing to Scholastic: An Interview With Jimmy Gownley :: Paper Wings Show #30


Since he was 15 years old, Jimmy Gownley has never stopped breaking the rules of self-publishing.

He went from selling self-published comics in the hallways of his high school to huge publishing deals with both Simon & Schuster AND Scholastic.

Join us as Jimmy shares what it took to break in with the big publishers.

And don’t miss the interview with long-time Winger Scott Wiser as he walks us through his successful Kickstarter campaign inspired by Paper Wings!

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Creating Characters From Your Story’s Theme (Part 2) :: with Brian McDonald :: Paper Wings Show #29


Jedi master Brian McDonald is back with more revelatory perspectives that will challenge the way we think about visual storytelling.

In part one, Brian showed us how theme creates character and character creates theme.

Now, in part two, we discuss when to stop dreaming and start writing, how success can kill creativity, why style isn’t always a good thing, and why the students who struggle the most, often grow the most.

Oh! …and we have some big news: Lora’s going to be on TV!

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Creating A Professional Storyboard Portfolio :: Paper Wings Show #27

Justin-Copeland-Iron-Fist-Storyboard-PanelPaper Wings is back!

Marvel Animation storyboard artist Justin Copeland joins the team as the newest co-host of the Paper Wings Show.

In this podcast episode, Justin explains the necessary steps to creating a professional storyboard portfolio and responds to some great listener questions.

Lora‘s “Lofty Thought” segment offers a healthier way to compare your work to others and I share some exciting news about the future Paper Wings and…

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Interview With Edgar Delgado, Marvel Comics Colorist & Creator Of ‘Ultra Duck’ :: PWP #26

Click this image to see an Ultra Duck Comic Coloring Tutorial by Edgar Delgado

“Colors are not dressing. They have to tell the story. And as pretty as a cover might be… It might tell a story, but it might not tell the story that’s inside the book. It might be a lie.”
-Edgar Delgado

Edgar Delgado is one of the best comic book colorists in the mainstream comics industry.

His career began when he decided to skip college and self-publish 1,000 copies of Ultra Duck (his creator-owned own comic) instead. He quickly became a local hero in the Mexican comics industry and eventually sold every copy.

Several years later, he embarked on the first of many successful collaborations with superstar penciller Humberto Ramos.

I (Chris) discovered both artists with their first Spider-man series in 2003.

That series was one of the most significant stylistic influences in my entire life.

In 2008 Edgar rebooted Ultra Duck with wunderkind Omar Lozano and he’s currently writing Ultra Duck 2.

Marvel Animation’s Justin Copeland joins Chris and Lora for an ultra-interview.

In This Episode:

  • How to break in as a comics colorist.
  • What does a great comics colorist portfolio look like?
  • You’ll never see Ghostbusters the same way again.
  • Why the Star Wars prequels don’t look like Star Wars.
  • Is coloring comics easier than drawing comics?
  • What happens when you press Chris’ geek button?

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Interview With Ryan Woodward, Creator Of ‘Bottom Of The Ninth’ (Part 1) :: PWP #24


“I’ve always been kind of an opportunist. You have to be when you’re an artist.”
-Ryan Woodward

Ryan Woodward makes his living working as a story board artist on some of the coolest movies of our time (including Whedon’s Avengers and a couple of Spider-man films) while producing personal projects like his tear-jerking animated short Thought Of You which express and indulge his creative passions and inspire people all over the world.

Most recently, his visionary effort Bottom Of The Ninth gave the field of digital comics a big kick in the pants. Furthermore, Ryan loves his wife and kids and he is highly respected among his peers and fans.

In many ways, Ryan is an ideal Winger.

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